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Loss Protection

"My package never arrived. Never shopping here again."

Theft Protection

"I got my delivery notification, but when I got home, the package was gone! I've never been more upset."

Damage Protection

"I opened my new package, but the product arrived damaged. I can't believe I spent this much just to send it back for a replacement."

Free to Install

Add Friendly to your eCommerce store for free. Friendly covers the cost of refunds and resending products. The customer pays for the small protection fee.

Easy to Add

Friendly installation is easy. Meet with our specialist and they will add the back-end code to your checkout page.

Hassle Free

Friendly manages all claims for you, so you don't have to.

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How much does it cost to use Friendly?


Friendly package protection is free for the merchant. The customer pays $0.99 to protect orders under $100, and $1.99 for order over $100.

What does Friendly cover?


Friendly protects you from lost, stolen, or damaged packages  up to $2,500 of your eligible shipments.

How do I add Friendly to my store?


We are currently beta testing Shopify stores with Friendly. If you would like to be one of the first, schedule a meeting with one of our product specialists, who will help you add the Friendly code snippet to your Shopify store.

What if my product is out of stock?


If the customer's claim is approved, but the product is out of stock, Friendly will issue them a refund.

Where does the Friendly Protection appear on my store?


Friendly Package protection appears to your customer on the checkout page as an additional product in their shopping cart. They can toggle the protection on or off.

3.1 Billion

Fedex Packages delivered in 2021

15% of online deliveries fail to arrive.

estimated 15% of all online shopping deliveries in urban areas fail to reach their final destination.

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